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Born in Grenoble, France, Tram Qui Trung (TQT) grew up in a multi-cultural environment, completely different one from one another. Coming from a traditional Vietnamese family, he has experienced a cultural enriching life that is present in his one of a kind work.

He immersed himself into drawing and visual art at a very young age, starting with comic book characters and Japanese anime influences.


TQT is a self-taught artist whose skills and creativity come naturally. He has never received any professional training.   The majority of his inspiration comes from music, his current environment, and most importantly, people's energy. 


TQT’s vivid canvases are a mash up of emotional construction of symbols and representations. His unique pieces of work are an immediate reaction to his environment,  daily life, and an imprint of his identity at that moment in time.

photo: Mustafa Ayyash


Art is for me one of the many expression that human being has discovered over time to inspire people and evolve the society. 

I believe that a painting is a way to let a trace for future generations. Give them the possibility to travel time by feeling an emotion through their own mind from a picture that has been created in the past by someone else. Like understanding the emotion of someone through their art.

In a visual world that became in a decade almost entirely digital.  Colors and textures of a paining reveal the movement and the beauty of the artist creation process.

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